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Smartia is a unique, Finnish-owned home improvement retailer that serves customers through an online shop Smartia’s way of doing business is characterized by personal and friendly service, and taking care of the customer from the start to finish.

More than just an online store

Our online store for home improvement offers a good and carefully selected assortment of quality products for builders and remodelers – always at a low price.

Behind our online store is a group of enthusiastic construction professionals for whom the customer’s satisfaction and successful projects are a matter of honor. For us, the online store is a channel for reaching customers who are carrying out a variety of small or large construction projects. We often make deals on large purchases over the phone.  We look forward to your phone calls and want to hear about your projects!


Smartia Rakennus - Prefabricated housesgarages, halls and business premises

Our typical customer is either building a new home or remodeling one. We also serve people who are building garages and various halls and or other large outbuildings. The customer often gives us construction plans and we deliver packages of materials for these projects and we also build them completely. Other popular items we sell also includes various outbuildings such as outdoor saunas  and sheds.


For Smartia resellers

Are you a reseller or otherwise buying large quantities? Our wholesale department is for you. Our main wholesale product is Thermox foldable overhead garage doors and Finberg bathroom furnishings,  which we import. 


Tell us what you need and we will be happy to help. We can also serve you in English.

Contact us:

Monday-Friday 8:00 am – 4:00 pm

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+ 358 438240316

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